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 Ahem... Oncoming Rant. Read. >:C

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Ahem... Oncoming Rant. Read. >:C Empty
PostSubject: Ahem... Oncoming Rant. Read. >:C   Ahem... Oncoming Rant. Read. >:C EmptyTue Jan 03, 2012 10:14 pm

Guys, just to make something clear (and I am not trying to appear as a power hoarder), this is my site. When I made it, I had plans for it, as founders do. I wasn't even gonna let you certain people be admins, but I was generous enough to allow it. I wasn't gonna let custom countries into the roleplay, but it passed by. I wasn't gonna let people use canon characters, but I eventually decided to allow it, too. So, for once (again, not trying to appear greedy), can you please do me a favour and stick to the original plan? This ends up happening on every site I've had; New Dawn Clans the 1st, Wolves' Reign, and now Hetalia World. Someone is always able to rupture the plot or the way I originally intended to do things.

I understand that you guys have opinions, and that you may want things, but can't you see what I've let by already? It's a lot of work maintaining a site, as you may know, along with my own life (as Icee and Cherry would know). It puts a ton of stress on me, and I end up yelling at people and saying things I should not have, and I'm apologizing for that. However, I don't appreciate people constantly bending things out of place, and then I end up looking like the bad one in the end for getting defensive, as I do all the time. It's just me, and you guys had better gut used to it. ^__^;

I can see that there's quite a bit of disputing over the entire RussiaxBelarusxLithuania issue. See, this is a mini-plot that, before I discussed things with Icee and Cherry, was my own intended mini-plot. You guys agreed sincerely to it.. And Icee, you were even so excited about it, you came up with Rusland. What about her?
As for Ebs, I'll have you know that I was not at all trying to bribe Icee into anything. I have not been able to contact her for about a week now, and have been unable to tell her about her magical IsannaxGilbert pairing, which was another thing I was going to let slip. Do you have any idea how much she begged me for that? I'm talking a full month.. ;3; It just so happened that I ended up mentioning it at the wrong time; another one of my many, horrible flaws.

Quite frankly, my fingers are getting tired. I was just out sledding in -16 degrees, and that's a good 6000 letters up in that rant. D:
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Ahem... Oncoming Rant. Read. >:C
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