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PostSubject: Account # 1   Account # 1 EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 3:55 pm

Name: Germany (West)

Personality: Robust-natured, strong-willed, a natural leader, easily annoyed.

Gender: Male

Likes: Order, respect, discipline, obedience.

Dislikes: Chaos, enclosed spaces, nonchalance, lackadasia, noise.

Short History (short): Born and raised in a small town. Raised by his late mother, and lived with his older brother, Prussia (or East Germany).

Picture (if in posession of one):
Account # 1 Germany_by_Cahindta

- - -


Personality: Sweet and kind appearance, but is really dark-hearted and cold.

Gender: Male

Likes: Sunflowers, vodka, quiet.

Dislikes: Being obsessed over by Belarus, noise, war.

Short History: Born on a turnip farm. But once the Sovet Union was established, and war was inevitable, he lost many people close to him and witnessed things too horrendous for such a young child's mind, thus mentally cracking him. Grew up with Belarus and Ukraine.

Picture (if in posession of one):
Account # 1 Russia_by_Cahindta
DERP o3o
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