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:: Banning ::

You don't get banned for no apprehension. Here, it states how you could get banned.

Do this more than 5 times, and you will be banned from 1-3 days, depending where you spammed.
(spamming: rude, annoying and pointless messages, posting before you've been approved, and posting in Announcements)

Do this more than 3 times, and you will be banned from 1-3 days.
(godmodding: Having your character, when in role-play, become immortal or untouchable)

Trolls will be deleted without hesitation.
(trolls: a sort of spammer, only interested in joining to annoy people)

If you decide to hack the site, you will be automatically banned for 3-5 days.
(hacking: when getting into the site's admin panel, using mod tools, etc., uninvited, using a computer hack)

You will be banned right away for 4-6 days if pornography is posted or reported.
(pornography: the posting of nude, sexual or other inappropriate photos and/or pictures)

Stalkers and Pedophiles
A trial will be held. If you are found guilty, you will be deleted.
(stalker: someone who tries to find out your personal information, such as your whereabouts, etc. Pedophile: A sort of stalker, but interested in knowing one's looks, age, and gender. They ultimately are interested in sexual relations with one)

Sexual Role-play
This is a rather mature site, containing swearing, violence, and crude humor. However, sexual relations between characters is prohibited. You will be banned for 3 days without a warning.
(sexual role-play: The role-play of two or more characters within intercourse)

If you continue to breach these rules, you will be perma-banned, IP banned, or deleted.
Please try your best to follow these.
_Your fellow administrator, Dead_

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